Victoria County History of Essex Book Launch and Offer

To herald the launch of their latest “Red Book”, VCH Essex are offering a discount on the latest part to be published and a combined offer on both parts.

They are also putting on an afternoon of talks at Essex Record Office to celebrate the publication and look forward to future historical projects.

The latest book is The Victoria County History of Essex Volume XII Part 2 on the Sokens – so whilst it is not directly connected to Harwich there is much shared history, and the Harwich volume is currently being researched and will be published next.

The book on the Sokens can be ordered here:

Use code BB081 for a 25% discount on this volume or code BB091 for a 35% discount when buying both Part 1 and Part 2.

You can book for free onto the afternoon of talks at Essex Record Office on Saturday 15 October 2022 here:

So far twelve volumes in the main VCH reference series have been published by the VCH Essex Trust, which manages the project locally and raises funds to finance the freelance VCH editors who research and write the volumes.

If you would like to help advance the completion of the VCH for Essex, please consider joining the VCH Essex Trust. Membership is open to all individuals, to corporate bodies or other associations, that make an annual donation to the Trust (of whatever amount). The AGM of the Trust is held in different locations across the historic county, often in a building of historic interest and usually followed by a lecture from a specialty invited expert on some aspect of Essex history. All members also receive the Trust’s newsletter (Essex Past) with updates on the VCH project, national VCH developments, news of events and talks, articles based on VCH research and on Essex history in general.

There are more details on supporting VCH Essex here: