The latest little Harwich pub book carries a curse!

The latest in the series of Harwich’s little pub books written by Richard Oxborrow, Harry Black and Lewis Peake is now on sale and it carries a curse!

The idea behind the series is to allow those interested in Harwich’s historic pubs to learn more about the hostelries they are drinking in and those already published have proved very popular.

The latest in the series is on the Alma Inn and offers a wealth of information about one of Harwich’s most fascinating historic buildings.

Lewis Peake says, “The Alma Inn has proved to be a fascinating pub to research and write about as the building dates from the 15th century and has a truly remarkable history, much of which is still visible.”

The book details the origins of the building, made even more interesting by the present landlord, Nick May’s achievement in reuniting the 15th and 16th century elements of the property with the opening of his Lambard’s Salt House restaurant next door to the Alma Inn. It details the lives of eleven of the Alma’s previous landlords and includes a wealth of the pub’s history. It ends with the story of the Alma curse so it really does have something for everyone interested in Harwich’s historic pubs.

“We are very grateful to Trevor Johnson whose design work and type setting has been central to all of the books and has particularly aided the latest book on the Alma Inn,” continued Lewis Peake. “It was great fun to write about a pub with a curse but if you want to know what the curse is then you will have to buy the book!

The latest little pub book on the Alma Inn is available in the Alma Inn, the Harwich Town Museum and in the Harwich Society’s Ha’penny Pier visitor centre. It is priced at £2.

For further information please contact

Richard Oxborrow on 07920 874706
Nick May on 07877 243852