Storytelling Weekend!

The storytelling sessions this year will take place on Saturday, Sunday and Monday afternoons.

Saturday 24th August:

I.30PM – Story walk of Misinformation

2:00PM – Jan Williams – East Anglian folk tales. Dragons and monsters story with everybody drawing their own dragon, and other stories.

3:00PM – Kim Shrive. Reading the dog and the computer chip.

Sunday 25th August:

1.30PM – Children’s story walk of Misinformation.

2:00PM – June Bretherton tells stories of Harwich, often full of animals, sometimes a little spooky.

2.30PM – Mary Lake’s craft session with activity craft story of all things ‘fishy!

3.30PM – June’s second story-time of even more tails for children and adults.

4:00PM – Rose Marie reads us her favourite stories .

Monday 26th August:

1.30PM – Children’s story walk of Misinformation.

2:00PM – Mask making with story cubes.

3:00PM Stories of the Mayflower and Christopher Jones.

Kim or Rose reading stories they love.

We are hopeful that the One World Week Group will come to tell stories from around the world.

Each day there will be children’s story walks full of misinformation and fun led by Lesley and David at 1.30PM and possibly later in the afternoon.

For more information contact: Lesley on 01255 880582  or the Ha’Penny Pier office  on 07434634633