Society holds annual dinner

On Saturday evening, over 60 members of the Harwich Society gathered at the Waterfront on Dovercourt seafront for the Harwich Society’s annual dinner.

This event is one of the highlights of the Harwich Society’s calendar and it was particularly looked forward to this year as the 2020 event had to be cancelled due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Harwich Society chairman, Colin Farnell, says, “It was lovely to be back enjoying a wonderful meal at the Waterfront in the company of Harwich Society members. As always, we were made very welcome and looked after excellently. Two years on it was great to be back.”

Those attending the dinner were entertained by local singer/guitarist, Mike Carran, who was extremely well received and whose willingness to perform at the dinner was greatly appreciated.

“Mike Carran put on a brilliant performance which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone,” continued Colin Farnell. “He made the evening and it was lovely to see so many happy faces when it was time for us to go home.”

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30 OCT 2021 – PICTURED: Mike Carran – Harwich Society Annual Dinner at the Waterfront, Dovercourt – Photo Copyright © Maria Fowler 2021