On Thursday 25th April, Sue Daish will be elected as Harwich’s 34th High Steward and will become the first woman to hold the post in its 420 year history.

Sue is a regular member of a quiz team at the Harwich Society’s monthly general knowledge quiz and, in order to celebrate her becoming Harwich’s High Steward, those running the Harwich Society quiz nights have arranged a music quiz to raise money for a cause very close to Sue’s heart, the Electric Palace Trust.

The Harwich Society Quiz Team run four or five music quizzes each year for various local good causes and felt that a music quiz in aid of the Electric Palace was a good way to celebrate Sue becoming High Steward of Harwich. Sue is a long standing volunteer at the Electric Palace so the team felt this was the perfect way to say “well done!” to her.

Colin Perry, who is the Harwich Society’s quiz master, says, “All of our quiz night regulars are delighted that Sue has been chosen to be Harwich’s High Steward and we wanted to show our support by raising money for an important local cause in her name. We are going to have a lot of fun raising money for the Electric Palace so we hope that everyone will join us to make it a particularly good night.”

The quiz will take place in the hall at the Royal Oak public house at 8PM on Monday, 29th April. It is for teams of up to 8 people at £2 per head. The quiz will consist of 100 pieces of popular music from the 1960s to the present day and all teams have to do is name the artist.

Sue Daish says, “I am very grateful to the Harwich Society quiz team for wanting to celebrate my election as High Steward in such a fantastic way. Harwich Society quiz nights are always full of laughter so it will be a great way to raise money for the Electric Palace.”

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Pictured: Sue Daish – Photo © Maria Fowler 2024