Ladies club celebrates its 70th anniversary

Ladies club celebrates its 70th anniversary in Harwich

The Over 20’s Club, originally called Parkeston Over 20’s Club when it was set up in the summer of 1949, was created for young mothers to have a social evening out. When the club was founded you had to live in Parkeston, but as the years went on it opened to everyone.

Members of the club would meet at the Co-op Hall in Parkeston, then the tin church in Parkeston, then in the 1970’s it moved to Long Meadows, where the club still meets every Thursday evening.

Photo by David Whittle
Photo by David Whittle

A spokesman, said: “We have 53 members, paying £1 a week. “We play whist, beetle, bingo, have guest speakers, themed evenings, cheese and wine, strawberry tea, and lots more.

“The Over 20’s Club enjoy a summer outing in August and a dinner dance in January which is paid for with the club funds.


“Any left over money at the end of the year is divided between all the members, as we are a non profit-making club.

We celebrated the 70th anniversary with a lovely cake and some fizz followed by a talk by David Whittle from the Harwich Society.

”If you are interested in joining the Over 20’s Club, call 01255 551499.