Harwich’s pubs to tell their own story

A project to produce books about each of Harwich’s pubs has finally achieved its first publication with the story of the Hanover going on sale.

The idea is to create a series of ‘little pub books’ to go on sale in each of Historic Harwich’s
fascinating old pubs and the first to be completed is the story of the Hanover. Unfortunately,
because of the Church Street fire it is not possible to sell the book from the Hanover itself but the Harwich Emporium has kindly agreed to sell the book until the Hanover is rebuilt with all proceeds from the sale of the book going to the Church Street fire appeal.

The project is the brainchild of three Harwich Society members, Harry Black, Richard Oxborrow and Lewis Peake and they are delighted that the first in the series is now available to purchase even though the intention for it to be on sale in the Hanover itself has been dealt a cruel blow by the fire.

Richard Oxborrow says, “The idea is for people to be able to buy a book telling the story of the pub in which they are drinking but in the case of the Hanover this will not be possible until the pub is rebuilt. As books about the other fascinating pubs in Historic Harwich are added to the series they will be available in the pub itself.”

The books have been inspired by Peter Goodwin’s remarkable book on the history of Harwich and Dovercourt pubs and include historical information that came to light during research for the Historic Harwich pub trail and the Harwich architectural survey project. They are being jointly researched and written by Harry Black, Richard Oxborrow and Lewis Peake with design work by Trevor Johnson. The books themselves are being printed locally by Autoprint.
“Harwich’s pubs are a key element in the town’s history and heritage and the centuries old buildings have their stories to tell,” continued Richard Oxborrow. “They are where the towns folk would have discussed the Gunpowder Plot and Trafalgar in the same way that we discuss the football over a pint
today. They really are our link with the past and we hope these little books will help to keep that link alive.”

For further information please contact:
Richard Oxborrow on 07920 874706
Chris Guttridge at the Harwich Emporium on 07400 269688
Garry Calver on 01255 551940

The Hanover, Church Street, Harwich. Photo ECF&RS