Harwich Society’s quiz team to run music quiz for Paws and Mittens

The Harwich Society Quiz Team runs four or five music quiz nights each year for local good causes and the next one will be on Monday 25th February for the local animal rescue charity, Paws and Mittens.

The popular music quiz nights consist of 100 pieces of music from the 1960’s through to the present day and all teams have to do is identify the artist.

The quiz will take place in the Acorn Room to the rear of the Royal Oak public house starting at 8PM and it is for teams of up to 8 people at £2 per head.

Colin Perry, who will be MC for the quiz, says, “The music quizzes take a very long time to put together which is why we only run four or five each year. They really are a lot of fun and Paws and Mittens is a very good cause. We are pleased to be able to do a little bit to support them and hope we get a very good turnout.”

For further information please contact Garry Calver on 01255 551940

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