Community comes together to create the Mayflower 2020 visitor centre

The Harwich Society is at the centre of the project to turn Esplanade Hall in Historic Harwich into Harwich’s Mayflower 2020 visitor centre and volunteers are hard at work decorating the building to ensure it is looking its best when the first visitors arrive.

It was the Harwich Society’s chairman, Colin Farnell, and local councillor, Garry Calver, who suggested Esplanade Hall for this purpose and partners including Tendring District Council, Harwich Town Council, the Harwich Society and Galloper Wind Farms have all collaborated to turn the idea into a reality.

Now, as the Mayflower 2020 visitors are close to arrival, the Society’s project manager, Mick Monks, is continuing his daily work on site to ensure that the final decorating is complete to allow the display material to be installed.

Harwich Society chairman, Colin Farnell, says, “It is wonderful to see this lovely old building coming back to life and it will provide a legacy for the local community over and above the fantastic tourist potential brought about by Mayflower 2020. The volunteers are working very hard and are delighted by all that is being achieved.”

For further information please contact

Garry Calver on 01255 551940