2022 Harwich Society History Fair a great success

The 2022 Harwich Society History Fair took place in the 1912 Centre over the weekend of Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October and the organisers have hailed it as a great success.

The Harwich Society members who organised and ran the event were led by Linda Morgan and Philip Parker and all agreed that the large task of organising and running the fair proved to be well worth while.

Linda Morgan says, “Whilst we had a great deal of local history on display we had decided to shift the focus slightly and concentrated on conversations between the Harwich Society team and those visiting the fair in order to gain and share historical knowledge about our town. It seemed to be a popular approach with a great deal being learned by everyone.”

Hundreds of visitors attended the fair over the two days and not only was a lot of immediate research carried out to answer questions or extend knowledge but a large amount of on going research will now take place as a result of the conversations that took place.

“We learned a lot and were able to provide answers to many questions so everyone with an interest in the history of Harwich and Dovercourt gained from the event,” continued Linda Morgan. “Harwich is the gift that keeps on giving and it is lovely to see that its history is so important to so many residents and visitors alike.”

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