BOBBITS HOLE GROUP     May and June become very busy in Bobbit’s Hole as schools and youth groups rush to get  bookings to come to visit as the end of the school year approaches. This, of course, must be one of  the most interesting times to visit the reserve, particularly for children. There are baby birds to be  seen, lots of insects flying around, the fish have started to become active and creatures such as slow worms and lizards start to move about.     One problem we had during the Spring was a pair of ducks who decided they could not wait to be  fed in Bobbit’s Hole, but instead started visiting Asda themselves. The problem was compounded by the kind folk who thought the ducks were starving and so brought bread in order to feed them. It  was a vicious circle - the more they were fed, the more they went into Asda. In the end a timely bit  of wing clipping put a stop to their ‘shopping trips’ and the ducks are back on a healthier diet!    An addition to the reserve has been a large goose. This goose required a new home for a variety of  reasons and it was brought in initially on probation. The idea of a goose in Bobbit’s Hole was to try  to discourage the visiting heron which was responsible for the disappearance of our ducklings last year. The heron had actually been sighted taking ducklings last year. So far the goose has had the  desired effect and may even be discouraging the fox also.    A reminder for your diary please. Sunday 10th August is the date of our annual Open Day. This  year, by popular request, we will be again supporting Hedgehog Rescue. If you are interested in hedgehogs or would like to have an orphan hedgehog placed in your garden, please come to visit their stall at the Open Day. There will be the usual refreshments and so any donations of cakes,  raffle prizes etc will be more than welcome.       GARDENING GROUP APPEAL    Our newly formed gardening group would like some help in keeping the flower tubs in Dovercourt  town centre looking good over the coming seasons. If you are having a clear out of your flower beds or tubs, or have gone overboard during a trip to the Garden Centre, please do not just compost  your unwanted plants and bulbs, contact the Gardening Group to see if they can be used. Examples of things wanted are:  Winter - Spring interest  Small tulips                           Crocus                                   Iris reticulata                         Narcissus - 'Bridal Crown' Tete- tete   Viola                                                 Primula                                        Hyacinths                                     Hellebores                                      Skimmia                                                Anemone                                    Heuchera                                          Senecio - (cineraria)                    Hebe                                                                Sedum                                            Lamium                                        The Gardening Group can be contacted on 01255 504139. Thank you. 
Summer - Autumn interest  Helichrysum petiolare  Pelargoniums  Fuchsia    Verbena  Lobelia  Salvia  Stocks  Patio Rose  Scabiosa - 'pink mist' small variety  Petunias  Begonias  Sweet Peas  Alchemilla mollis  Hosta  Convolvulus     
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