                 AMENITY SUB COMMITTEE     Continued 
  58 Una Road, Parkeston - Two storey side and rear extensions, rear first floor extension and pitched roof to  rear extension and new front porch   Copperas Wood Cottage, Wrabness Road, Ramsey - Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of a  replacement dwelling with associated car port/store  Grayston, Bradfield Road, Wix - Porch, rear extension and garage  Goodwill, Rectory Road, Wrabness - Proposed front dormer window for attic conversion  Wrabness Community Shop, Black Boy Lane, Wrabness - Amend operating hours for the community shop  and cafe   2 West Foreshore, Wrabness - Reinstate previously dismantled beach hut  25 West Foreshore, Wrabness - Removal of derelict beach hut and reinstatement of beach hut  38 West Foreshore, Wrabness - Demolition of existing beach hut to be replaced with a new hut  Malkins Coat, Harwich Road, Wrabness - Extension to existing garage to provide workshop and additional  storage above. Change of use from agricultural land to garden. Close boarded fence on southern boundary  Planning applications refused:  Harwich Magistrates Court, 363 Main Road, Harwich - Change from commercial use to single occupancy  private dwelling  Land adjacent Myrtle Cottage, Colchester Road, Stones Green - Erection of a two storey dwelling 
Planning applications withdrawn :  Abbey Bottom Farm, Harwich Road, Wix - Erection of detached 3 bedroom dwelling to replace existing 4  bedroom pair inter-linked static caravans  14 West Street, Harwich - Change of use from shop with residential flat over to residential dwelling.  Alterations to provide garage facilities  1 Dove House Cottages, Oakley Road, Dovercourt - New dwelling house and garage  Current Planning Appeals:  21 Portland Avenue, Dovercourt - Proposed single and two storey extension (following demolition of  existing single storey element)  Planning Appeals Determined:  Harwich and Parkeston Football Club, Main Road, Dovercourt - 2 x 48 sheet advertisement displays.  Appeal dismissed        REDOUBT FORT REPORT     Welcome to Keiran Hutchence, the latest recruit to the Redoubt team. He has already made an impact, working with Steve Harris, cutting down branches overhanging the moat. Together they  also repaired the broken floor in Jones, excavating the damaged part and making good the hole. Dan Beck did a lot of spring cleaning prior to the start of the new season. This included  refurbishing the picture of the ship ‘Koningen Emma’. Tom Mallinson arranged a display unit for  his electrical gear, while Don Hambling painted vintage military boxes and also the battery box for  the Bofors gun. John and Chris Theobald  kept up the bookings for the ghost hunters. And John  made a splendid job of repainting the tompiens for the two small cannon by the entrance. The  weekly attention to the grass by John Spearpoint kept the fort looking spruce. A landmark was  achieved when the final mattress from the Redoubt Fete collection was consigned to the tip. 
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