AMENITY SUB COMMITTEE           Richard Colley    The Draft Tendring District Local Plan was due to progress to the final Local Inquiry stage before an  Independent Planning Inspector. Tendring District Council have taken advice and have decided  fundamental change is required to boost housing and employment land allocations in the District to meet  national requirements and to avoid rejection of the Local Plan. The failure to promote sufficient land for  development in statutory local plans to meet national planning requirements is a trap several District  Councils have encountered. The District Council has formed a Local Plans Committee to fundamentally  revise the content of the Local Plan during 2014 with subsequent public consultation leading to the  postponed Inquiry. The delay of a year or more is unwelcome, but better than outright rejection.     Planning Applications – comments made 
ASDA Supermarket, Main Road, Dovercourt - Development of a two pump (four filling position) fully  automated Petrol Filling Station. This development has been approved by TDC subject to conditions. The  Society expressed concerns about increased risk of pollution to Bobbit’s Hole from the proposed filling station and has requested to be consulted about the strategy to be submitted for dealing with contaminated  waste water, fuel spillage and contaminated water run off from the filling station  Land south of Station Road, Wrabness - Construction of 14 dwellings: Objection - The housing  development extends beyond approved and proposed Wrabness village settlement limits and compromises  the local aspiration for public open space next to Wrabness Village Hall  Planning Applications submitted - no comment made:  Asda Supermarket, Main Road, Dovercourt - Construction of a seasonal canopy  Quayside Court, The Quay, Harwich  - Erection of a traditional cycle shelter in rear car park    32 - 34 Kingsway, Dovercourt - Discharge of condition 04 (sound proofing) and 05 (boarding to front  window) of planning permission  2 Wick Lane, Dovercourt - Extension and re modelling of the existing house  Land adjacent 1 Dove House Cottages, Oakley Road, Dovercourt - Four bedroom detached dwelling and garage  4 Jamestown Close, Dovercourt - Oak (T20) - reduce and reshape by 30%  158 High Street, Dovercourt - Change the use of second hand furniture shop to licensed wine bar  Telephone Mast Site,  Freshfields Road, Dovercourt - 6 replacement antennas and the installation of 2 replacement equipment cabinets  18 Gordon Road, Dovercourt - Rear extension  Alexandra House, 12 Marine Parade, Dovercourt - Construction of a steel and glass canopy and enclosure  between Alexandra Court and Alexandra House  4 Minerva Close, Dovercourt - Disabled ramp  2 Dove Crescent, Dovercourt  - Single storey rear extension and two storey side extension   Land adjacent to Gas House Creek, Harwich - Siting of a buoy  Spring Cottage, High Street, Great Oakley - Proposed 2 no. rear facing dormers  Oakley Cottage, Pesthouse Lane, Great Oakley - Discharge of condition 03 (landscaping) of planning  permissio- Cart lodge and wood store  Essex House, High Street, Great Oakley - external and internal alterations and repairs to listed building  Oakley Cottage, Pesthouse Lane, Great Oakley - Discharge of condition 03 (landscaping), 05 (materials)  and 09 (construction method statement) of planning permission   Little Oakley Memorial Club, Lodge Road, Little Oakley - New artificial grass pitch, 8m high  floodlight columns, new floodlights  Opposite Hamilton House, Foster Road, Parkeston - Installation of high speed broadband cabinet 
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