CURRENT COMMENTS           Andy Rutter     Your Executive Committee    is looking forward to the Vice Chairman’s presentation of Harwich in WW1 on the  anniversary of the outbreak of war (August 3rd at Electric Palace)    has re-appointed all groups and subcommittees for a further year    has co-opted Harry Tilley onto the House Committee    thanked Cheryl Thompson and her gardening team for the new display opposite Dovercourt  Station    congratulated the House Committee for the really splendid work they have done at Foresters,  retiling the roof,  spring cleaning and restoring order after the chimney collapse, and rebuilding  the chimney. The house is re-usable once more due to their tremendous efforts.  And additionally for organising the “Win a Brick” campaign, raising funds to pay for the  damage caused by the chimney collapse    reminds members that the existing subscription is extended to 31st December, and that subs  then go up on January 1st    took part in the litter pick organised by TDC to clean up central Dovercourt    will welcome Essex Record Office’s exhibition  “Harwich on the Map” which will display  rare maps and documents at the 1912 Centre on July 28th.    provided guides for “The Journeyer” laser show on Harwich Green    was delighted with the new plaque in Harbour Crescent which records the successful conclusion of a twelve year campaign to have the Green registered as a Village Green, and in consequence protected from any future development    thanked  Marian Heath for brightening the town with Harwich in Bloom flower baskets done  in conjuction with Dovercourt Town Partnership and financially supported by Harwich Town  Council    noted that TDC have decided to fundamentally revise the content of the Local Plan (which provides planning guidelines) which will result in a delay of a year in its publication    requested TDC to consider that Gas House Quay revert to the originally planned car parking  area if no suitable maritime development is forthcoming. Car parking is a serious problem in  the old town   complimented the new Curator (David Horn) on achieving 750 visitors in the first month at  the Maritime Museum    successfully sought safeguards against surface water contamination of wildlife at Bobbit’s Hole Nature Reserve from the adjacent ASDA’s planned petrol filling station 
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