OBITUARIES     It is with regret that we record the deaths of the following members   KENNETH BRUNDLE, aged 80. Ken was born in Harwich and attended Second Avenue  Primary School. At the age of five he was evacuated to Gloucestershire with brother Ray. After the war he attended Colchester Technical College and, on leaving, he completed an apprenticeship with Cann’s of Harwich. Ken was conscripted into the Army and did his service in Germany as a  tank driver. When he left the Army he then went to work at the Vacuumatic where he met and  married Angela and enjoyed nearly 40 years of happy married life, enjoying holidays travelling all  over the world. Ken left the Vacuumatic and was then employed by Carless Oil Refinery until he  retired.    LEONARD ARTHUR HOLDER was born on 13 February 1936 in Deptford, however he spent his childhood in Sussex. His secondary education started at Collyers Grammar School, but at the  age of twelve the family moved to Dovercourt. At the grammar school he soon showed that he had a great aptitude for learning and was expected to go to University, but the sea was in his blood,  having two seafaring ancestors who were Master Mariners in the Merchant Navy. He had great fun  in the 4th Dovercourt Sea Scouts, being taught to sail by his great friend, Danny Goswell.    In 1953 he joined the Blue Funnel Line, became a cadet of the Honourable  Company of Master Mariners, and at the end of his apprenticeship, went to the  Guildhall to be admitted as a freeman of the City of London. Len and Ann were  married in 1958. He became a Master Mariner and then had a variety of training  appointments. During his professional career Len was given the courtesy title of  Captain, but, as he had never actually been in command of a ship, he always  preferred to be just Mr Len Holder. In 2012 he was awarded the Merchant Navy  Medal for services to Maritime Education.    Len has been involved in many things. He joined the Towcester choral society;  became a Lion; was a member of Probus; and, having written two books of amusing anecdotes about his life experiences, which he sold for charity, he was well known on the speakers’ circuit,  having spoken at many Societies and Clubs, including the National Archives at Kew and Suffolk  Record Office. Len raised over £6,500 for his charities. He and Ann always kept their links with  Dovercourt.   LYDIA WHITNALL, aged 94, the well known and much loved licensee of the British Flag pub.   Lydia knew everyone in the old town and everyone knew Lydia. A real professional, she was born in the British Flag and spent a  lifetime there. She took over the licence of the pub in 1947 when  her Father died and ran it for the next 37 years, until she retired at the age of 64. Saturday night was always family night when everyone congregated to exchange their news. She recalled the  wartime days which brought a lot of extra trade, especially from the Ganges Boys. In 1953 the pub was inundated during the Great Flood, but when the tide went out the flood water receded leaving  everything covered with a muddy sludge.  Lydia and her husband quickly cleaned up the bar, and  the British Flag was the only pub in Old Harwich to open on the night after the flood, lit by candles  since there was no electricity.    We have also learned of the following members who have recently passed away:    Edna Conibear    Sylvia Briggs    Roy Lovett    Carl Griggs   
Albert Cook  Skip Warner  Patricia Carter  Pat Smith 
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