FORESTERS ROOF & CHIMNEY    The retiling of Foresters roof, as planned, is now complete. After the unexpected collapse of the chimney and the consequential damage inside the house we are very pleased to say the renovation is now finished and we have a new chimney stack. We are just waiting for the final bill!    Ways you can help:-    Win a Brick -           £1 entry:  Prizes  1st    Brick from the original chimney + £50                                                               2nd  Brick from the original chimney + £25                                                               3rd   Brick from the original chimney + £25    Foresters Appeal -   a one off appeal for funds to help pay for the unexpected costs    200 Club -                helps to fund the maintenance of this unique building                                    Yearly subscription of £25                                   Four quarterly draws for a chance to win £200    Please send your donation to The Treasurer, Foresters, 5 Church Street, Harwich  CO12 3DR  Cheques should be made payable to The Harwich Society and please mention which of the above  categories you would like to support.    Many, many thanks to all of you who have already shown your support. The Society is privileged to own such a fantastic building that is proving to be an invaluable asset, not only for storing our archives but for giving us a headquarters that is frequently in use.                  MEMBERS OPEN WEEKEND    On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st September between 11.00am and 4.00pm Foresters will open its doors to members of the Harwich Society. Do come and explore the Society's headquarters and enjoy the opportunity to peruse many of the photo albums (some have not been on display  before) and other items we will have on display.  Foresters is situated at 5 Church Street, Harwich and was built around 1450. It is thought to be the  oldest surviving house in Harwich and was an Ale House between 1800 and 1940; it was known  as The Drum & Monkey and later as the Foresters Arms. The house fell victim to an incendiary  bomb during WW2 and stood derelict for nine years before it was bought and lovingly restored by  the late Harwich Society President, Winifred Cooper and her husband. On her death in 1999 Mrs Cooper left Foresters to the Harwich Society so that it could be used as a resource centre and meeting place for the society.      MARITIME HERITAGE EAST    The Harwich Society have recently joined a group of Museums in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.  All the Museums have a maritime theme and Harwich has included The Redoubt, The Lifeboat  Museum and Maritime Museum. To access the information on all these sites they are available  on http://www.maritimeheritageeast.org.uk    Many of the other museums are not far from Harwich, so if you are venturing outside Harwich go  and pay a visit to our fellow Member Museums. 
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