POSTBOX Continued    He enlisted in the Army serving in North Africa as a Sergeant in the Royal Artillery; his Service  number was 796961. He was captured and transferred to Germany via Italy where he spent three  years at Stalag 4b in Muhlberg (Elbe). His POW number was 229026. During these years he  collected and created a photo album made from brown paper bags. The album contains photos  sent to him from my mother through the Red Cross. We wonder if some of these photos may have  been from the Harwich area. There are also some photos of Stalag 4b. After his release my  mother, Elsie Simpson, and father, also a master carpenter, moved to South Africa with my  brother Roger. I was born in Durban in 1949 and shortly after we moved to Northern Rhodesia  now Zambia where we lived for six years.    We moved to Canada in 1956. My father never talked about the war or his experiences as a POW. Sadly, he passed away in 1982 before I became interested in his story.  I am anxious to learn more  about my father's history and hope that someone may have known him or about him and will share  their recollections with us. It was a pleasure meeting Don Hambling this fall as we discovered Harwich and walked the streets where our family lived.  Colin Lucas,1426 Marina Way, Nanoose BC, Canada V9P 9B6   colleenlucas.lucas@gmail.com                                                         Harwich seaside?                                 Stalag 4b, Muhlberg, Germany                           REQUEST FOR AUDIO HISTORY    We have recently been approached by The Pioneer Sailing Trust at Brightlingsea with a request to  our members who either worked or still work for Trinity House to contact them with a view to  recording personal memories for their sound archive during 2014. The latest project to be  undertaken in 2014 is to restore a Trinity House Cutter, the type frequently seen in Harwich  Harbour in the 1950's. This will bring attention to the 500 years of Trinity House being celebrated  this year.    If you feel you can help with these recordings, please contact David Tournay on 01206 303373 or  visit www.info@pioneersailingtrust.org.uk      TRAFALGAR DINNER      The Harwich Society is holding a TRAFALGAR DINNER on Friday October 24th at the  Waterfront Restaurant, Marine Parade, Dovercourt. This will be an opportunity to view one of the  town’s newest function rooms as well as celebrating this famous battle. Further details can be  obtained from 01255 503571.  
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