POSTBOX Continued    Before sending this, I phoned Steph to check my story. She asked ‘Didn’t I used to light a fire?’  However, we decided not to try to remember that.  Jennifer Griffiths, formerly Jennings     PS I loved the boys’ football team on page 53 – I can name everyone after 60 plus years.  My  husband asked how I would fare with the girls’ hockey team?  Probably only two, I replied!      Dear Editor, The picture was said to be of a local water polo team sitting on steps in front of a pavilion with a large ball in front of them. Taken before WW1, the photo was given to me by Miss  Gladys Precious (1915-2001) whose father, Ernest, sits top left of the seven swimmers. Ernest  Precious worked for many years in British Rail Marine Shops at Parkeston Quay. I remember him in (1940-1941) as a member of the HD & P Cooperative Society Management Committee, but did  not meet him. Does anyone know something about these young men? Who they were, where did  they swim?         Henry Allen, Dovercourt 
Dear Harwich-Society, dear people of Harwich! We visited Harwich on Wednesday 21,  May  2014  with the cruisingship Costa Fortuna. Many thanks for the great welcome, the friendly  and ready to help people and the nice town.  Mrs. and Mr. Beckmann, Munich, Germany/Bavaria       Dear Editor, My father, George James Samuel Lucas, was born in Harwich on May 23,1914. His father James John Lucas, a master carpenter, and his mother Flora Alderton, a housewife, resided at 8 Coke Street at the time of his birth. He  was the youngest of three children, having two older sisters Muriel and Sylvia. I  am not sure how long my dad lived in Harwich perhaps one of your readers can  shed some light on this. 
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