LEST WE FORGET.                         Henry Allen    …….the twenty one young men of Little Oakley who served their King and Country in the First World War. Their names were recorded in a mural painted on the rear wall of the original Methodist chapel which was destroyed some years ago when a new Methodist chapel was built  nearby.    The first picture is of that mural on which are transcribed the names and regiments of the Little  Oakley farm boys who served and fought in such places as Burma, India, East Africa, Mesopotamia (Iraq), Gallipoli, as well as enduring the gas and mud of France. Five did not return from this hideous world-wide war. Four of the men listed on that memorial were ‘Allen’; my  father and three of his brothers. Let us not forget also the pain and sorrow of all the wives and mothers who had brought up ‘their little ones’ as well as the boys of Little Oakley. 
The second photo is of my father, George Allen, about twenty one years old, with his mule in  France. George was in charge of the mules who pulled the machine guns of the 17th Middlesex Regiment but that, as you may guess, is another story.        THE RETREAT     Jo Harrison    Now we have another project in hand which requires your assistance. The Society wrote to TDC asking for the Retreat Recreation Ground at the bottom of Beach Road to be voluntarily dedicated  as a public open space, a village green, but the reply was that it was “not felt to be something  which TDC can agree to at this time.” TDC owns it as they took it over from the old Harwich Borough Council in 1974. The council had bought it in 1947 and also demolished the wooden  retreat building at that time.    We can apply ourselves for the dedication but we need evidence from organisations, groups,  families and individuals who have used the land for sports, leisure and recreational activities over  the last 20 years. The Government recently changed the laws relating to this so that no application  can be made once a planning application relating to the land has been made, so, if we want the land to remain as it is for public use, we need to start this process as soon as possible. Please  contact me if you are willing to complete a form either via 5 Church Street, Harwich CO12 3DR or by phone on 01255 502523. 
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